Hackathon on Police Brutality Data, 2015

A Hackathon on Police Brutality Data in Los Angeles County, organized by students of the UCLA Information Studies Department. The event looked to engage those interested in community organizing, social justice, hacking, data mining with the imperfect data sets regarding police brutality in LA County. This hackathon examined how police brutality data is captured and disseminated among state and federal organizations and worked to bring attention to the existing data, as well as the holes in existing data through data mining and visualization.
It explored un- and under-reported incidents of police officer involved (POI) homicides. To fill gaps found in existing government and local databases pertaining to POI homicides, we deployed participatory action research methods through community involvement in mining and analyzing social media data related to these incidents. Through these methods, social media information operates in concert with publicly available government and local databases to create a clearer representation of the lived realities of communities experiencing police homicides in the United States.

Project documentations can be found here.