Live audiovisual performance by electronic musician Edisonnoside and Daniel Schwarz.

Dark, blurry electronic music and non-linear rhythms meld with hypnotic, abstract visuals, superimposed on a matrix of rods.
Image and sound go hand in hand -each influences the other, feeds off the other- and in this fusion, play with the perception of space and reality.



Photo: Johannes Scherg, NODE13




Photo: Johannes Scherg, NODE13


Photo: Gregor Woschitz, NODE13


Sonar Festival +D 2014, Barcelona, Spain, June 12-14, 2014
Plums Fest, Moscow, Russia, 18th May 2013
Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 11 May 2013
NODE13 Forum for Digital Arts, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 11 February 2013
Pop Corn Club, Venice, Italy, 23 November 2012


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